Which is the best slider for you?

I am a freelance photographer and I travel extensively. Wherever I go, I take the slider also along with my camera. Hence for my sliders the knocks are unavoidable. Unless the slider is very strong I will not be able to use the same for long. So, if someone asks me which is the best camera accessories my answer is that the one that is strongly built and is highly durable is the best product. Now, one can find hundreds of different types of sliders in the market and finding out the best camera slider is no more an easy task. In the past I have been using the sliders that were made of IGUS parts. I found them of excellent quality. There are many companies that are making sliders using IGUS parts. They are of very high quality and they function very smoothly. These sliders are available in two versions – HD and SD. The 1 meter version of the HD slider is excellent as well as very smooth. These sliders are provided with drylin bearings.

F & V Lighting advanced slider

The F & V Lighting advanced slider is the best camera tripod in the market now. This slider is very thick as well as strong and is provided with stainless steel guiderail. It is made of aluminium alloy and has adjustable terrain legs. This slider has an offset mounting plate and multiple mounting thread locations. This camera slider can handle comparatively higher payloads. It has an end to end linear movement of 35 inches. The carriage ensures very smooth performance. This brand is recognized as the smoothest slider available in the market today. The carriage is provided with a bubble level and a locking knob. The legs of the slider have threaded feet to enable fine tuning. When low-profile shots are to be taken on rough surface the slider may be set on the ground. The two mounting configurations ensure perfect shots. It is a very compact slider and can be carried very easily. Hence this slider is ideal for those who travel frequently.

PVC slider

Among the various DIY sliders, this is the best camera slider. Instead of metal this slider is made of PVC and wood. It can be mounted on a normal tripod so that the height of the shot can be adjusted easily as well as quickly. This slider is quite inexpensive and can be easily set up. This slider is suitable for the DSLR camera.
At the time of introduction of the DSLR camera, just a few camera sliders were available in the market. However that is not the situation today. Many companies have introduced numerous types of sliders with different technology, design, size and features. Most of the advanced sliders are smooth functioning as well as easy to operate. There are hundreds of new brands in the market today and to find out the best camera slider is not so easy. There are many sliders in the market that look excellent and function very smoothly in the beginning. But, they will not be durable. Within few days their condition starts to deteriorate. Hence, while selecting the best camera slider, one must be extremely cautious. The sliders that are built strongly and capable of withstanding frequent use are considered as the best sliders. Before selecting a slider, it is advisable to go through the reviews about the same. Always, the best slider must be durable, strong and smooth functioning. For those who travel a lot, the slider must be lightweight as well as compact so that it can be easily transported. Easy portability and minimum length are two important features of sliders.

Use the best slider for the best photography

When I decided to buy a new camera slider, naturally I wanted to go for the best. When I browsed the internet, I was literally perplexed. There are hundreds of different types of sliders that differ in the price also. When I consulted my friends, each one of them told me about a different brand. Today the market is flooded with hundreds of brands of sliders. Hence identification of the best camera slider is a real challenge today. But one of my friends who is a professional photographer told me that the best camera slider is the one that is strong and can be used frequently without hassles. He cautioned me that some of the brands appear to be of the best quality when we buy them but, are not durable. Their condition becomes very poor within few months. Just like any other equipment, durability is important for camera accessories also. For those who want to purchase a new slider, I shall share a few points.

Choosing a slider

The common aspects of sliders that are to be considered while buying a new one are smoothness, durability, portability and length. Most of the sliders move up and down very smoothly when we just push the carriage. However, in the best camera slider, the slider must move smoothly when the camera is mounted on it and also when the camera is pointed up or down. In case a slider does not last for even 6 months, there is no point in spending money for that. Sliders are very fragile equipments. When there is a scratch or dent on the rail of the slider, the sliding will not be smooth. Professional photographers and film makers have to carry the slider also along with the camera and the camera tripod. Hence portability of the slider is another aspect to be considered. The smaller sliders can be dismantled and then reassembled. Hence those who have to travel frequently may find them more suitable. Length of the slider depends on the type of shots one has to take. However, the slider with a length of 1 meter is ideal to carry with. The 1 meter slider has the same length of the tripod and is easy to pack as well as carry.

DC and HD versions

Most of the professional as well as amateur photographers will like to buy the best camera slider for their DSLR cameras. The sliders can be of the standard DC version or the HD version. The standard DC type slider can support the camera with the maximum weight of 12 kg and the HD type slider can carry a maximum load of 32 kg. One can go for high quality multifunctional sliders also that can be used as slider, tower and crane. They can be used in any angle and it is easy as well as simple to operate them.

DIY sliders

The best camera slider operates in a wide range of angles and is equipped with highly advanced motion control system. The DIY camera slider that is made of PVC and wood is rather easy to operate. This type of sliders can be mounted on the normal tripod so that one can easily and instantly adjust the height of the shot. The DIY sliders are cost-effective, smooth functioning and easy to handle. The best DIY slider ensures the smoothest shot. Those who prefer metallic sliders can go for the DIY slider that is based on the zaza slider. This slider is made on a single metal piece that is mounted on a tripod. This is a very simple type of slider and is very easy to operate.

The difficult selection

I have used many different sliders in the past. At that time I was quite sure about the best product at that time. The slider that is strong, durable and smooth functioning was indeed the best camera slider. However, if someone asks me about the best slider today in the market, I am unable to give an immediate reply. The market is flooded with hundreds of brands and each one has its own special features. Hence one has to go through the features and other details pertaining to several brands to decide the best product. Those who want to select the best quality slider may also go through the reviews about the various sliders.

The important features

I always consider the smoothness with which the slider functions, durability of the equipment, portability and length of the slider in order to determine whether the product under consideration is the best camera slider. In order to know about the smoothness of the slider a heavy camera is to be mounted on the slider and watch how the carriage moves up and down. If a slider is not durable, why should I spend money and buy the same. If a slider is strong and remains strong even after frequent use and transportation, it can be considered as one among the best sliders. The slider with a length of 1 meter is considered ideal to carry with. It will have the same length of the tripod. It can be conveniently packed and kept in the car.

Latest brands

The best camera slider must meet the requirements of professional photographers, amateurs and film makers. The latest types of sliders are based on innovative technology. Those who travel frequently will opt for sliders with compact size. The latest types of sliders are made of aluminium and the rails are made of stainless steel.